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On-the-job training

The ROI of in-company training

Training plans developed by companies include an evaluation phase to measure the benefits of the training, both at an individual and organisational level. The Fifty platform helps to reinforce the behavioural skills of your employees with an accurate, real-time evaluation of the ROI of a training course throughout the course.

The evaluation of training in companies: what are the issues?

To evolve and grow, companies must invest in the development of their staff's skills. Training allows the necessary actions to be put in place to acquire new knowledge and skills, as sought by the company.

New production tools, new processes, new standards: employees must regularly retrain to cope with changes in their profession. In addition, the ever-increasing expectations of their employers mean that they have to develop broader skills, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of behaviour.

The evaluation of training in companies takes several aspects into account. Firstly, it measures the impact of the training on the acquisition or development of the employee's technical skills. A concrete example: the evaluation will make it possible to say whether the trained personnel are able to apply technical instructions on a production line, with or without supervision, or to identify the obstacles to the use of the company's new production tools.

The financial aspect is also highlighted by the evaluation, because like any investment, the company needs projections on the future. ROI of its training plans. In this case, a detailed evaluation and a causal relationship are established. In this case, the impact of the training on productivity will be measured in relation to the costs incurred.

The Fifty training tool allows the impact of company training on employees to be quantified in real time, both individually and at company level (and always anonymously).

Fifty and improving soft skills

More employers consider people or behavioural competencies to be just as important as technical skills when hiring. Behavioural competencies are the personal qualities that differentiate an average employee from an effective employee.

These "soft skills" are indispensable in certain professions - customer relations for a sales agent - and can be developed and improved in all your employees through appropriate training.

Our platform uses artificial intelligence and the precepts of Nudge to train and support your employees to improve their soft skills. The aim of the training is to encourage individuals to change their behaviour or adopt certain choices without constraints or obligations, both for their career and for the company's interests (productivity, competitiveness, etc.).

Behavioural skills are real assets for career development. Knowing how to prioritise tasks, being autonomous and having empathy are all useful qualities that can be learned. The soft skills training offered by Fifty allows you to develop or, if necessary, gradually acquire these skills through a list of targeted recommendations, micro-actions relating to both technical and behavioural skills. This training is adapted to all professions and all sectors of activity. Contact us for further information.