Fifty expands its horizons

- 04/24/2024 -

Dear readers,

Today, I'm thrilled to share significant progress at Fifty in our mission to make behavioral transformations more effective.

True effectiveness in transformation comes from practical application. Behavioral science shows that knowledge and motivation alone aren't enough to change habits. Moving into action requires the same level of structure, support, and rigorous measurement as knowledgeacquisition. For six years, we've been developing a solution that allows our clients to adopt this approach.

We started by launching an app that helps employees implement learnings from training sessions- a first in the market that positioned us as pioneers in behavioral change within organizations. In 2022, we successfully raised our Series A funding and defined the next steps with our clients.

Major corporations are realizing that their transformation strategies need rethinking to become more effective:

  • In design: 'Practice should be integrated from the start to better align with business goals, rather than being an afterthought in the transformation design process.'
  • In deployment: 'Implementation should be expected, just as attending a training session is, rather than being viewed as optional by learners.'
  • In the analysis: implementation is rarely measured, and when it is, it's with qualitative indicators that differ from program to program. Yet it should be measured with a simple, objective KPI common to all initiatives.

To address these challenges, I am proud to officially introduce Fifty Next Level. Eighteen months of development have resulted in a strategic platform for L&D and Change Management teams. It allows to i/ define and align expected behaviors easily ii/ support their implementation across various development programs iii/ analyze outcomes to accelerate change and optimize budgets.

Our expertise in behavioral change has been productized, enabling our clients to easily scale and apply it.

There is still much to do, but we are shaping a new era for L&D and Change. We're proud to pioneer alongside our clients.

I look forward to discussing this further and providing a concrete demonstration.