Stop talking.
Start doing!

Fifty bridges the intention-action gap in trainings and business transformations.

Our eDoing solution enables rapid and measurable adoption of new behaviors.

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Leader in eDoing, we triple the adoption of new behaviors

Fifty combines behavioural science (nudge) and technology for use at scale

Behavioural Sciences

Behavioural Sciences

Our solution integrates Nudge to help employees move from good intentions to action.


Learning algorithm

Nudges are customized to the profile and use of each employee.

Working tools

Integration with your tools

Fifty integrates with Teams, Outlook Calendar, Slack... for a simple and effective experience.

Example of action and advice on how to do it

We translate your key skills into micro-actions

  • Thanks to our bank of over 3000 actions
  • Customized to your stakes and programs
  • Tested and selected for their effectiveness
Example of action and advice on how to do it

Your employees choose the actions they want to carry out

  • Helped by our nudge and social features
  • In an empowering and fully confidential way
  • Tailored to each individual profile
Example of action and advice on how to do it

You can measure implementation at collective level

  • In a quantitative and qualitative way
  • With a dashboard adapted to your organisation
  • Allowing a clear vision of change in your Learnings Journeys

Our clients say it better

"We've seen the results, and we've seen the impact of what we put in place.
And more importantly, we can measure it."

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"eDoing is very powerful. The actions suggested may seem simple, but the real challenge is to put them into practice on a daily basis. It is this practice that brings about change."

Download the use case

"The project has been enthusiastically received by our leaders. The 82% usage rate of the FIFTY solution is very high, especially for this population, which is particularly overworked. This shows that it meets a real need for them."

Download the use case

"I was immediately convinced by the eDoing approach. I chose to work with Fifty and the collaboration has been extremely smooth. The program is underway and the initial results are impressive."

Download the use case

"The users interviewed expressed real satisfaction. They are eager to continue and have themselves suggested themes they would like to work on with Fifty. We are already thinking about future deployments."

Download the use case

Use eDoing to anchor behaviors

Leadership & management

Leadership and management

new ways of working

New ways of working

inclusion, diversity & csr

inclusion, diversity and CSR

embodiment of corporate values

embodiment of corporate values



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