Stop talking.
Start doing!

Fifty bridges the intention-action gap in trainings and transformations

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Ranked No. 1 of HR Techs for Training in 2020 by Akoya
Ranked No. 1 of HR Techs for Training in 2020 by Akoya
On-the-job training

Our clients are convinced that taking action is at the heart of organizational change

Leader in eDoing, we multiply by 3 on-the-job practice

Fifty combines the latest research.

Behavioural Sciences

Behavioural Sciences

Our solution integrates Nudge to help employees move from good intentions to action.


Learning algorithm

Nudges are customized

Working tools

Integration with your tools

Fifty integrates with Teams, Outlook Calendar, Slack... for a simple and effective experience.

Example of action and advice on how to do it

We translate your key skills into micro-actions

  • Bank of +3000 micro-actions
  • From the best books and certified coaches
  • Customizable to your issues, culture and tools

Your employees are guided into carrying out their actions

  • Individualized recommendation of actions
  • Integration with Calendar, Teams, SMS...
  • More than 20 Nudge features
Micro-action during a meeting between collaborators
Measuring the effectiveness of training through action

Measure change at collective level

  • Track the number and type of actions performed
  • Segment by team
  • Improve your programs based on their implementation

Smoothness at all times

A responsive and multi-screen platform

On all your screens

Available in responsive web, mobile application and on your internal tools.

Available internationally

In all languages

Adapts to your international scope and cultural differences.

Online support

Experts at your side

We accompany you throughout your project and are available for your employees!

They're talking about us

Knowledge is good. Doing is better!

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