Stop talking.
Start doing!

An impactful transformation is a transformation put into practice.

They use Fifty

Increase impact. Why?

Strengthen the link with the Business

Because operations tend to find development programs too far removed from daily work.

Maintain employee engagement

Because employees turn away from training that they do not find useful on a day-to-day basis.


Because organizations can no longer wait several years to see behavior change.

Prove impact and optimize budgets

Because budgets are being questioned, and there is a lack of indicators to defend and optimize them.

The Fifty platform to steer how your training and change programs are put into practice


Automatically translate your programs into operational actions

  • Convert your content into proven actions, thanks to our AI

  • Get inspired by our bank of best-practice actions

  • Align yourself with Business thanks to a common language: the one of everyday gestures.


Deploy actions to employees at the right time

  • Target the people you want to take actions

  • Identify the best deployment context: with or without prior training

  • Demonstrate that practice is an expectaction by providing access to on-the-job support


Measure behavioral change

  • Monitor the implementation of your programs in real time

  • Iterate on content and your change and L&D strategy accordingly

  • Prove your impact through practical implementation, and optimize your budgets consequently

An intuitive employee experience

  • Employees are supported in their actions by dozens of behavioral science features.

  • Our approach aims to minimize the time spent online, to favor the implementation of actions in real life.

  • The employee interface is available in Web responsive, mobile application and integrated into everyday tools.

They choose Fifty to efficiently transform their organizations

Ensuring ROI on training investments

Franck Baillet - Executive VP L&D France


Accelerating the adoption of new behaviors

Nadège Riehl - VP Talent Management & Learning France


Rethinking practice in L&D strategy design

Andréa Meneses - Learning Manager at Academy Sopra Steria