Transform your approach by combining AI and behavioral science


Automatically translate your programs into proven actions using our platform.


Make sure that implementation is measured and comparable between your programs.


Easily extend the steering of implementation to all your cross-functional programs and create synergies.

They use Fifty

"By combining the data sets of multiple multiple projects over time, it gives Fifty enormous data mode to really provide quie unique insights into how change processes are actually functioning or not functioning in organizations."

Thomas Otter

Head of US investment fund Acadian Ventures, ex-Research VP at Gartner, ex-Head of Product at SAP SucessFactors

A.I. to boost performance

  • We use proprietary A.I. and exclusive data to translate your content into market-proven actions and recommend them to employees on your various development programs.

  • SOC 2 certification and RGPD compliance ensure the integrity of our security and confidentiality practices. They are supported by exhaustive documentation, regular external audits, and a continuous improvement approach.

White Paper

AI-powered transformation with Fifty


"What will enable us to achieve more transformations in the future, and achieve them much faster, is Fifty's raison d'être: combining behavioral science with technology. Behavioral science to change behavior on a daily basis. Technology to do it at scale, systematically and measurably."

Olivier Sibony

Professor and author of numerous books, including Noise, written with Daniel Kahneman and Cass Sustein

Behavioral sciences as an accelerator of change

An impactful transformation is a transformation put into practice. That's why our platform is based on the most advanced research in behavioral sciences:

  • Daniel Kahneman, winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, who scientifically demonstrated a fundamental aspect of everyday life: this is not because you know something that you put it into practice. Cognitive biases hinder the translation of knowledge into behavior, posing a major challenge to corporate Change and L&D initiatives, however captivating and memorable they may be.

  • Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, who, following in his footsteps, emphasized the importance of direct support for behavioral change to make it a reality. Using approaches such as the Nudge method, it is possible to convert knowledge into behavior.