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The HR function and change management

The function HR has the key role in change management. This transformation is unavoidable when a company wants to strengthen its competitiveness on the market. However, this approach requires the implementation of new processes, which represents a major challenge for HR managers.

Support for employees within the company

When managing change, the HR function must prioritise support for the company's employees in order to transform resistance into opportunities. Indeed, without the support of all employees, transformation efforts will end in failure.

It is therefore important to develop human capital by adopting a management strategy based on the detection of talent and potential, training, motivation, mobility and involvement. To achieve this, HR managers must focus on changing managerial behaviour and developing business and soft skills. This involves creating training paths to help employees acquire new knowledge in a specific context.

In order to save time and motivate employees, most managers prefer to set up an AFEST (Action de Formation En Situ HR prefer to set up an AFEST (Action de Formation En Situation de Travail). With the advent of digital technology, this learning method is proving to be more effective in the change management With the advent of digital technology, this learning method is proving to be more effective in the workplace: the learning path can be personalised with the help of Artificial Intelligence and learners benefit from practice-oriented training. The acquisition of the targeted skills and the achievement of the objectives are faster.

The training actions are delivered by a platform integrating the pedagogical pathway, the proof mode (of evaluation) and reflexivity. However, the HR function must ensure that the AFEST is well organised and prepared in order to guarantee that the objectives are achieved. Indeed, before setting up an AFEST, the target employees must be identified and the skills to be acquired must be precisely defined.

The HR function can get help from Fifty in managing change

The Fifty platform is an AFEST that helps a company's employees to develop their business and soft skills. It can thus facilitate the tasks of the function HR in change management.

Our platform offers a unique course to each learner, as the actions to be carried out are personalised by the A.I, Fifty Fifty also uses the Nudge pedagogical approach in order to maintain the interest of employees during the course and encourage them to evolve with the change. We call our approach eDoing.

This digital-based learning method facilitates the achievement of objectives, as each action is delivered at the right time, encouraging the employee to take up a challenge. Change is quantified, and successful challenges, time remaining to achieve other objectives, level achieved, etc. can be tracked in real time.

Of course, the pedagogical path, the mode of proof (of the evaluation) and the cold reflexivity are integrated in our platform, and the deployment of training actions can be done without any difficulty thanks to digital.