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On-the-job training

The Nudge for management and professional skills development

A concept developed from behavioural economics, the Nudge for management is used by many business leaders to inspire the right decision in their employees. The HR function uses it to manage change and to encourage employees to develop their business skills and adopt new behaviours at work.

Encouraging employees to change their behaviour

The Nudge for management aims to help employees change their behaviour in a "gentle" way by inspiring them to make the right decision. In concrete terms, it is a method without constraint or sanction that consists of encouraging employees to carry out actions dictated by their personal motivations.

Managers can use it for different purposes: to improve the well-being of employees at work, to develop their business skills or to increase their productivity. Thus, nudge can be applied in various fields, particularly in corporate training. In this case, the HR function uses it as part of an On-the-Job Training Action (AFEST) and skills development.

The implementation of this type of learning has become easier thanks to the advent of digital technology. Indeed, some platforms such as Fifty offer actions to be carried out in the workplace with a view to developing the professional skills and personal qualities of employees. It is easier to achieve the objectives, because the platform relies on the pedagogical approach of Nudge and the power of artificial intelligence. Each learner benefits from a personalised course and can view their progress in real time from the application's interface.

As the learning method is more interesting for the employees, better results are achieved than with traditional, often compulsory training. Employees have more autonomy and freedom of choice, so they do not feel pressured to carry out actions to develop their skills: the principle of nudging training is not to impose anything on the participants.

Moving from theory to practice with Fifty

The Fifty platform offers digital learning combining the behavioural method of nudge and artificial intelligence to help employees move from theory (information) to practice (action). Fifty offers personalised actions to be carried out in real life and is similar to a digital AFEST: our platform integrates the learning path, the proof mode and cold reflexivity.

Business leaders wishing to apply the Nudge for management in their change management strategies can choose our platform. Those who have already tested it have all been satisfied with the results: indirect suggestions encourage good decisions.

The actions are personalised by the AI according to the learner's profile and it is possible to measure the change since this is quantified (with anonymised results): challenges achieved, level reached, days remaining, etc. The programmes concern soft skills such as inclusive management and leadership, but also business skills.

Fifty thus promotes the achievement of objectives, as individual practice accounts for 70% of the course.