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On-the-job training

Professional development to enhance the skills of employees

The professional development aims to improve the professional and personal skills of employees. This requires the employer to offer them the opportunity to learn and achieve their goals. With this in mind, the Fifty platform offers actions to be carried out in the workplace that can be personalised using AI.

AI-driven learning through personalised actions

Many devices are currently available to help employees improve their knowledge and attitudes in their current or future jobs. In order to ensure better results, most companies choose the digital approach and offer their employees AI-driven action learning.

In this case, learners benefit from a pedagogical pathway that allows them to achieve their professional objectives. The methods used are based on digital tools to make the training more concrete and operational. In addition, this approach saves time and stimulates the motivation and intellectual involvement of employees.

Most often, managers choose nudge-based devices to encourage each learner to make the right decision and change their behaviour. This approach is proving to be effective, and the digital tools designed to encourage professional development offer actions to be taken at the right time.

In concrete terms, each employee concerned follows an On-the-Job Training Action (AFEST) from a platform integrating the educational path, the method of proof and the cold reflexivity. However, it is important to carry out a feasibility study beforehand, to define the skills targeted and to specify the course if we want to successfully implement this training action. If all these steps are respected, the development of skills is faster compared to the results obtained with traditional vocational training. Another significant advantage is that the knowledge and skills acquired can be applied immediately.

Fifty, the most relevant solution for professional development

If you are looking for the most appropriate solution to foster professional development within your company, we can provide the answer to your need. The Fifty platform, combining the Nudge approach and the power of artificial intelligence, proposes actions to be carried out in the workplace to help your employees achieve their goals.

Each employee can benefit from a unique pathway, as the actions are personalised by the AI. The change is quantified, which facilitates the evaluation of learning achievements during the learning process (challenges completed, level reached, days remaining).

The actions to be carried out allow for the simultaneous improvement of business skills and soft skills, and Fifty integrates the learning path, the mode of proof and cold reflexivity. Our platform is thus an AFEST, but it has particular advantages: the possibility of large-scale deployment thanks to digital technology.

So if you want to move from theory to practice and from vision to execution, our solution is the right one for you.