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The Nudge is a concept of behavioural incentives that originated in the imagination and studies of the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in economics, Richard Thaler. The benefits of this system are used in various fields. Fifty offers companies an innovative training tool based on Nudge to optimise their employees' know-how and soft skills, helping them to develop.

Nudge: principles and applications

Nudge is an indirect incentive designed to encourage beneficial behavioural change in individuals, to suggest actions to be taken or decisions to be made with full knowledge and freedom. In essence, the concept is based on the premise that each person always makes choices that are essentially in his or her own interest. Nudging then consists of proposing solutions that come close to this, that serve this interest or that go in its direction.

The social sector, for example, also benefits from the principles of the helping hand, particularly in solving problems of incivility, bad habits of citizens to be eradicated, etc.

But companies and organizations have also embraced the benefits of nudge. Nudge. They have also found it to be a way of optimising the technical skills and human capabilities of their employees, helping them to develop. The concept is thus gaining ground among human resource managers, who are also applying it in behavioural anchoring strategies to change or improve the personal skills of managers, whether they are leaders or performers.

Fifty has skilfully combined Nudge with artificial intelligence

Fifty has created its platform to enable companies to enhance the skills of their employees and improve their performance. We have taken into account the needs of people who feel that the training offered to them by the companies they work for is lacking, particularly in terms of practical skills. The method we offer via our platform is a successful combination of Nudge and artificial intelligence, to move from theory to concrete practice.

The boost we provide to companies is in the form of micro-actions - the behavioural incentive - to be carried out on a daily basis and designed to improve and optimise the human skills of the participants. The micro-actions are used by artificial intelligence to create a personalised pathway according to the objectives to be achieved. The programme will include both technical and soft skills actions skills.

The impacts and changes achieved will be evaluated in real time during the course of the project. Both individual and organisational changes will be taken into account, with anonymised results. This personalised monitoring mode will enable the platform to select and propose the most appropriate action according to the progress made. It should be noted that thanks to this precise engineering, the training is very similar to what is called Action de Formation En Situation de Travail (AFEST).