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The Nudge management method in the service of training

The nudge management method is about creating an environment conducive to behavioural change. It accelerates this change thanks to a more holistic vision of human behaviour, unlike traditional management which seeks to create motivation from external elements. Fifty, an innovative training tool, uses the knowledge gained from the Nudge approach to offer efficient training courses that fit in with a managerial policy without constraints.

Presentation of the Nudge management method

Basically, this method consists of creating an environment that favours the desired changes by exploiting what are called "human biases". Human biases are factors in decision-making that are often irrational, but which have a strong influence on us. For example, the "framing bias" shows how the presentation context can affect our decisions. In a canteen, if the salad is better presented and more accessible than the chips, diners are more likely to eat them. In some airports, the fly drawn in the men's toilet encourages them to splash less as they target the fly. Thus, the Nudge management method aims to inspire virtuous behaviour without imposing constraints, but by using devious and often playful methods.

In business, this technique can be used to achieve effective results in training. In human resources management, it is important to improve the skills of employees in order to achieve better performance, and Nudge is a good way to do this. It is especially interesting for the acquisition of new procedural knowledge (know-how) or for developing the adaptability (soft skills) of employees. Repeated and diverse actions and activities that address a given issue help to accelerate this development of skills, as they anchor knowledge in the long term through practice and experience.

The Nudge management method is therefore an interesting alternative to traditional methods: instead of presenting external sources of motivation, it directly inspires change by integrating learning and desired change into the daily behaviour of employees.

Fifty, a training method based on Nudge management

Fifty is a digital learning platform aimed specifically at company employees. It is an Action de Formation En Situation de Travail (AFEST), deploying the engineering specific to this type of approach. Fifty is also based on the Nudge approach, and aims to initiate change without resorting to coercion or sanctions.

Accompanying the Nudge management methodThe Fifty platform enables learners to work on their skills on a daily basis through specific actions. Thanks to these micro-actions to be carried out each day, employees easily integrate the expected changes in a sustainable manner. Moreover, these changes can be observed and quantified in real time.

The training action with Fifty responds to the needs of workers in companies who are looking for a less theoretical and more job-related course. The power of AI is used to define individualised training courses, in order to satisfy both the aspirations of employees and the needs of the company. With the Nudge management method, Fifty ensures a rise in skills and a significant improvement in performance without imposing stress or sanctions.