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The tool that helps your employees move from good advice to action in the field. All in a measurable way.

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On-the-job training

Microdoing to develop your key skills

Microdoing is a training methodology that leads directly to action. The content of the training therefore corresponds to actions to be carried out in a work situation, but to guarantee its effectiveness, it is essential to provide personalised content, well adapted to the profile and objectives of each learner. Fifty supports the transition to action by using the nudge method and artificial intelligence.

Micro-actions personalised by artificial intelligence

To facilitate the transition to action, we have developed a solution that combines the latest advances in behavioural science with the possibilities offered by AI. This allows us to tailor microdoing to the profile and needs of each learner.

The principle is to encourage employees to put into practice the micro-actions proposed in the content of their training. Moreover, Fifty can be integrated into internal work tools such as Teams, Outlook, Agenda, etc., and is available in both web responsive and mobile application.

With the nudge method, there is no need to convince the person to start with many arguments, it is enough to encourage them to make the right decisions and to change their behaviour by proposing solutions that serve their interests. This little help takes the form of micro-doing integrated into a personalised course of action in line with the objectives to be achieved. To do this, we use artificial intelligence.

In the context of in-company training, this method optimises the development of the technical and human skills(soft skills) of employees.

Real-time evaluation of changes made

The evaluation of the changes made in the course of training is done in real time. This concerns both individual and organisational developments. Thanks to this monitoring method, each learner benefits from personalised support on our platform.

This allows us to adapt the next action to the progress made. It is also possible to measure action at the collective level: to monitor the number and type of actions taken, to filter by team and to improve programmes according to the challenges achieved.

Fifty thus integrates the pedagogical path, the mode of proof and cold reflexivity. The effectiveness of microdoing has been proven through its impact on our users: they move 3 times more from theory to practice, and 70% of them connect to our platform 3 months after the end of their course.

Fifty, a turnkey AFEST that can be deployed on a large scale

The training offered on our platform is very similar to an AFEST (Action de Formation en Situation de Travail) since the content corresponds to a concrete action to be put into practice directly in the workplace.

With the support of expert investors, we are recognised as the leader in online microdoing. This has earned us the trust of a number of large companies such as Orange, the BPCE group, Enedis, La Poste and Kearney.