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On-the-job training

Discovering Fifty, an innovative method of acquiring skills

Employees in companies are regularly required to acquire new skills in order to be able to carry out their tasks and develop their careers. In this context, the method of acquiring skills In this context, on-the-job training is particularly interesting, as it allows the requirements of production and training to be combined. Fifty offers an even more effective solution, thanks to the combination of Nudge and AI.

The main methods for acquiring skills

Lecturing is a more theory-based method. Learners have to assimilate the knowledge presented by the trainer. This method is used in classrooms, in some distance learning courses. Practising professionals tend to turn to conferences and trade fairs. These events are an opportunity to update one's knowledge by meeting colleagues and experts related to one's field of activity.

Group work is a different kind of exchange-based method of acquiring competence different based on exchanges. It is especially useful for trying to solve a problem with different approaches. These discussions can be based on case studies, which facilitate the application of theoretical concepts.

More rooted in practice, coaching is now a very popular method for managers. It combines an increase in skills with personal development, enabling the beneficiary to adopt a behaviour adapted to the circumstances of his mission. The coach represents a guide who will help the learner to mobilise his or her internal resources and to acquire new skills to improve performance.

Finally, work-based learning is the most appropriate approach for employees in companies. In this method of acquiring skills, work is both a tool and a learning object, enabling employees to develop their skills while carrying out productive tasks. It is an experiential learning approach, directly involving learners who must act and reflect on their actions.

Fifty, an innovative method for learning in a work situation

Fifty is a digital platform dedicated to the learning of employees in companies. As such, it applies the specific methods of on-the-job training. In concrete terms, the system presents a list of micro-actions to be carried out on a daily basis, enabling targeted technical and human skills to be worked on. This is eDoing.

Fifty combines the Nudge approach and artificial intelligence in its method of acquiring skills. Nudge aims to initiate behavioural changes by encouraging actions without resorting to coercion or sanctions. This approach optimises both the motivation and the results of the learners. AI is used to individualise micro-actions, in order to create an individualised and more effective pathway for each participant. Throughout the training action, changes are quantifiable in real time.

It should be remembered that the Nudge theory has proved its worth in many fields. Also known as behavioural economics, this approach combines the findings of psychology and economics. The result is a very effective method for initiating behavioural changes without constraint. For theacquisition of humanskills, it allows to quickly modify the attitude of workers in order to achieve better performance.