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Acquiring skills to prepare for a position

With or without experience in the position you intend to occupy, in the field in which you wish to make a career or in that of your future professional project, theacquisition of skills is a way to ensure your success in whatever you undertake. However, choosing the right methods is essential to ensure that you have the necessary know-how and personal skills.

Uses and principles of competence building

L'acquisition of skills is an essential step in the preparation of anyone who is about to embark on a new career or personal professional project. It is about being sure that you have the abilities and personal qualities required to successfully take up the position you want or to ensure the success of the project.

However, when we talk about skills, we should not only mean technical know-how, knowledge or mastery of the specificities of the sectors in which we wish to enter. All human skills and competences will also be considered, given their importance in the working world. The pathway will thus be based on both the professional and the personal.

Know-how and interpersonal skills are thus the main issues in theacquisition of skills. The future employee can follow a programme adapted to his or her future profession with specialised organisations or by his or her own means by following various training courses and workshops, or by doing work on himself or herself. And some companies provide in-house or external training for their new employees to help them be more effective.

In any case, the choice of method is crucial. It is possible to use two or three systems at the same time to optimise results. The means used must also be adapted to the current evolution of the professional sector. Today, there are many innovative methods available to existing workers and to those who will soon be entering the workforce.

Fifty's method of acquiring skills

Ensuring that you have the skills and profile required for a job is essential before applying for a job if you want to succeed in a profession or career that you value. There are several methods ofacquiring skills to which one can turn. But the one we offer stands out for its innovation.

The Fifty platform proposes a system, combining Nudge - a pedagogical approach developed by the Nobel Prize winner in Economics Richard Thaler - and artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to fill in the gaps in training, workshops or conferences designed to optimise the skills of workers offered by companies or specialised organisations.

The method Fifty is based on recommendations, micro-actions to be carried out on a daily basis that should in principle become habitual or that help to acquire new knowledge and skills. This is what we call eDoing. Artificial intelligence uses the micro-actions to draw up an individual programme adapted to the needs and objectives of each person, with the aim of improving human skills.

The user's journey will thus be designed specifically for him/her and will include more practice than theory. Results will be measured at several levels, including personal and organisational (with anonymised results). Evaluations will be made in real time to monitor the participant's progress and verify the effectiveness of the method.