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Learning by doing: what does the Fifty platform offer?

Learning by doing

Faced with the increasing complexity and digitalisation of jobs, approaching training sessions from a purely theoretical angle seems more sterile than ever. Learning by doing provides relevant answers to the challenges of corporate training by making the trainee the actor of his own learning. Here is an explanation from the leader of eDoing Fifty.

Learning by doing: an active pedagogy

Changes in professions and processes lead companies to regularly set up training sessions to support their employees' skills development. However, it must be acknowledged that these training initiatives too often remain at a theoretical level, or even disconnected from professional realities.

Learning by doing is an active pedagogy where learning is done by doing and not by theory. This approach contrasts with traditional training and learning by doing, as it involves both emotional and cognitive engagement to develop or acquire skills. Furthermore, it places more emphasis on know-how than knowledge, i.e. theacquisition of skills directly applicable in the workplace.

Through learning by doing, the learner will be better able to grasp the concepts in order to carry out his mission. This proactive approach to training leads the learner to look for new ways of acting to improve his or her efficiency at work, to better prioritise tasks or to make the right decisions.

The Fifty digital platform aims to be a catalyst for democratising learning by doing in companies. Based on Nudging and Artificial Intelligence, our solution aims to accompany the transition to action in training courses by developing learners' behavioural skills and by helping them to carry out measurable and personalised actions in real life.

Learning by doing with the Fifty platform

In the wake of the digital transformation, organisations are changing and technical skills and soft skills are more than ever in demand by employers. Indeed, the increasing complexity of missions and new working methods oblige employers to surround themselves with talents capable of adapting, learning and evolving.

At Fifty, we have developed an innovative approach to complement eLearning, namely eDoing. This innovative training method revolutionises online training, because instead of focusing on purely theoretical and general recommendations, our solution offers personalised support via actions to be carried out in real life on a specific theme.

Our approach is based on both the theory of Nudge and the power of AI. We use digital technology to help employees develop their skills. Via our platform, daily "actions" are proposed to employees in relation to their individual objectives. This process allows real-time monitoring of progress and changes made throughout the process.

Individualised recommendations for action, smooth transition to action, adaptability in many languages... Choose the Fifty platform to support your employees' skills development.