eDoing, from theory to practice

The tool that helps your employees move from good advice to action in the field. All in a measurable way.

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eLearning combined with eDoing for the development of skills in companies

The eLearning is one of the ways of distance learning. Everything takes place online. This method is favoured by companies that offer skill acquisition or development sessions to their employees. eLearning makes learners real players in their training, but in order to go beyond theoretical advice, it is now necessary to couple the approach with personalised actions to be carried out on a daily basis, through the concept of "eDoing".

eLearning for skills development: principles and benefits

Nowadays, many companies and organisations include competence development in their human resources optimisation strategy. Workshops, conferences, team building and incentives, as well as traditional and online training courses are some of the means used to improve the human skills of employees.

Online training or eLearning is one of the options currently favoured by those who wish to get off the beaten track of face-to-face training. The principle of this teaching method is based on that of distance learning, and is essentially based on the possibilities offered by digital technology and the Internet. The courses and exercises are put online on a dedicated platform and learners choose those that meet their needs and objectives. The flexibility of the system is also the key to its success. Everyone can progress at their own pace and all the necessary resources are just a click away.

The eLearning is favoured by companies to strengthen the skills of their employees. Employees can easily access their "courses" and continue their learning without necessarily interfering with working hours. Moreover, this practically self-taught method requires the personal involvement of the participants. They thus become actors in their own success. In some cases, e-learning can be complemented by "learning by doing", which allows learners to apply their knowledge directly, as "you learn much better through practice".

Fifty takes eLearning to the next level with eDoing

We have developed an innovative approach to complement eLearning: eDoing. This "innovation" will revolutionise online training, because instead of focusing on purely theoretical recommendations, we provide "good advice" to be carried out in real life on a specific topic.

Inspired by the pedagogical approach advocated by Richard Thaler's Nudge (Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017) and the work of Daniel Kahneman (also a Nobel Prize winner in 2002), our system emphasises the learner's involvement in achieving the goals he or she has set. We have also used artificial intelligence to maximise the benefits of this concept. In fact, we have developed an interface on which "actions" are proposed to employees in relation to their individual objectives.

These small actions consist of gestures or behaviours to be adopted on a daily basis, depending on the goals to be achieved. They are "individualised" by the AI in order to offer each person a personal path to follow. The latter will include both actions for technical skills and achievements for soft skills, the ultimate goal being to improve human skills, know-how and interpersonal skills.

Our process allows real-time monitoring of progress and changes made along the way. The changes noted will then allow the application Fifty to provide each participant with the appropriate actions at the right time.