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GPEC and skills development with Fifty

The GPEC is a compulsory step in order to anticipate the company's needs in terms of human resources and to effectively face competition and market changes. It includes a training component, ensuring that employees' skills are upgraded in line with the requirements of the business and the need to keep employees in employment.

GPEC: what is it?

The Gestion Prévisionnelle des Emplois et Compétences or GPEC is an HR strategy which aims to plan the management of skills within the company, in order to anticipate its development in the medium term. It is therefore a question of anticipating the talent required for the company's future needs, and at the same time ensuring that employees remain in employment in the years to come.

The organisation of the GPEC goes through several stages:

  • Diagnosis and evaluation: this involves taking stock of the company, studying its operations, projects and strategy. At the same time, it is necessary to evaluate the skills it has at its disposal;
  • Projection and identification: this involves anticipating the evolution of the market in which the company operates, as well as the development of the labour market. Consequently, it is necessary to anticipate the skills needed to deal with them;
  • Action plan: this involves implementing the appropriate strategy following the previous stages: skills development, recruitment, organisational changes, etc. Planning extends over 3 to 5 years.

The development of skills is a main area that should not be neglected. It allows both to anticipate the company's needs and to develop employees to achieve new performances. The GPEC must therefore plan an appropriate training programme according to the profile of each employee, and put in place an organisation in line with the current skills development plan.

Fifty, a platform for implementing GPEC plans through eDoing

The Fifty platform is a Workplace Training Action (AFEST). With its specific engineering, it enables the targeted educational and professional objectives to be achieved while remaining in production. It is therefore an ideal tool for supporting a company's GPEC strategy.

The training offered on Fifty uses the Nudge approach. This method aims to initiate positive change without resorting to coercion. This ensures that the learning process runs smoothly and that the participants are motivated and committed. In addition, the On-the-Job Training Action (AFEST) enables the effective and sustainable integration of the new technical and human skills targeted.

Fifty consists of micro-actions to be carried out on a daily basis, but the list is not fixed. It is not a standard content to be assimilated by everyone, but a personalised approach. Indeed, Fifty uses artificial intelligence to set up individualised courses according to each person's profile.

The combination of Nudge and AI enables concrete results to be achieved, with quantifiable changes in real time at both individual and organisational levels (with anonymised results). As a result, companies can successfully implement their GPEC plan, offering employees a real increase in competence.