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Training by action with Fifty, the digital platform for learning in the work situation

The action learning is a preferred approach in companies. This method optimises both the skills and productivity of learners, as they are brought to deal with issues that affect them directly. Fifty, an innovative platform, also offers action learning by combining the effectiveness of the Nudge approach with the power of AI.

Action learning: principles and benefits

Developed in the 1970s by Reginald Revans, the action learning was aimed at developing companies. The principle was to improve the skills of operators in the field, rather than relying solely on experts. Thus, training was designed to be delivered in the production environment. Learning takes place through activities, and learners improve by reflecting on their own actions and behaviour.

With this approach, employees learn while they work. This has various advantages for the company and the employees:

  • No prolonged interruption of production as is the case with traditional continuing education;
  • Performing activities directly related to the job and routine work tasks;
  • Learner engagement and motivation due to the practical nature of the learning ;
  • Concrete results meeting the needs of the company;
  • Competence building to support the career development of employees.

This method is equally suitable for the training of managers, as well as for the training of all types of ranks and employees. Thanks to the techniques used during the training, they are able to sharpen their skills as they encounter new situations. At the end of the training, they will be able to optimise the way the company operates.

However, the action learning However, the training must be perfectly targeted to be effective. The project therefore requires the definition of a very concrete pedagogical problem. It also requires specific engineering in the design and management of the training.

Fifty, an innovative action learning platform

Action learning meets the practical needs of companies and workers. This method is far more effective than theoretical training, which is often difficult to apply in a work situation.

Fifty is part of this action-based training approach, listing a series of actions to be carried out on a daily basis by employees in the company. These micro-actions enable the skills targeted by the training project to be worked on, thus ensuring concrete changes during the learning process.

Thanks to the Nudge approach, workers evolve without constraints or sanctions, and voluntarily adopt the behaviours that are most beneficial to them and to the company. The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to create individualised learning paths, with optimised efficiency.

By combining these two tools, Fifty is able to provide action training adapted to the constraints of the company, without dwelling on theoretical aspects. With Fifty, changes are quantifiable in real time at two levels: individual and organisational, while anonymising the results. By moving from intention to action, companies reach new heights of performance, and employees begin real career development.