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On-the-job training

Evaluation of the effectiveness of training and training in companies

The evaluation of theeffectiveness of training schemes The evaluation of staff training is an obligation of the company (Law of 5 March 2014 on vocational training). It takes into account several aspects, such as content and method, and measures the impact of training on the development of employees' skills.

Objectives of the in-company training

Businesses and organisations are changing as technology evolves, requiring companies to implement training and implementation plans for their staff. In-company training provides employees with the resources they need to adapt to their jobs while enabling the company to remain productive and competitive.

To be effective training plan must be part of a well-established HR strategy. Furthermore, it should involve different actors responsible for designing, supervising and evaluating training. But what exactly does a training plan contain?

The training plan provides for training activities designed to consolidate the employee's technical skills or to introduce him or her to new processes and tools. This training is an important lever in the development of the employee's career, but also benefits the company, which has qualified personnel who are rapidly operational.

However, purely technical training is not enough to develop employees' skills. It is also necessary to focus on soft skills or behavioural skills. Soft skills training promotes the strengthening of behavioural assets in a work situation, such as self-confidence, responsiveness and stress management.

Like technical skills, the evaluation ofeffectiveness of training As with technical skills, the assessment of soft skills requires well-established actions and close assessment. The Fifty platform offers a complete pedagogical path to improve your employees' skills in a concrete way, thanks to eDoing. Discover our tool.

Fifty, an innovative eDoing platform

Stimulate, develop and strengthen the transversal skills of your employees through targeted actions, such is the purpose of our Fifty training action tool.

Behavioural skills are nowadays just as important as technical skills. In some specific sectors, such as online brokerage, this criterion is even more important than technical qualifications, which is why it is necessary to work on them.

The tool Fifty has been designed to allow individualised management of the profiles in their specific problems. The approach is totally innovative: thanks to artificial intelligence, the tool draws up a list of recommendations called "micro-actions" which are then adapted to each case. The aim of the manoeuvre? To encourage the individual to adopt certain behaviours that enhance his or her qualities and versatility.

These micro-actions will, for example, enable the employee to work on his or her capacity for initiative, through a series of recommendations specifically devoted to this purpose. Evaluation is a key stage in the process: each change will be notified and measured in real time throughout the process, at individual and organisational level (with anonymisation of results).

Fifty uses the Nudge pedagogical approach, theorised by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics Richard Thaler, to strengthen the behavioural skills of your employees. Contact us for more information.