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Training action for soft skills

More and more employers consider behavioural or soft skills to be crucial when it comes to hiring. Just like technical skills, these behavioural skills can be worked on and acquired via a well-established training well established, as proposed by the Fifty platform. Being more autonomous, knowing how to prioritise tasks, developing your customer relations skills: how can Fifty help you improve your soft skills?

Behavioural competencies and career development

Technological developments are leading to changes in working methods and organisational patterns, thus requiring a variety of skills from employees. While in some specific sectors, such as medicine or hi-tech, the diploma and the level of qualification remain essential hiring criteria, in other fields, behavioural skills are more important. But what exactly do we mean by behavioural skills?

They reflect the personal and human qualities that are useful in a profession or activity: collective sense, resourcefulness, adaptability, rigour, etc. In short, innate, non-technical skills that can be put to good use in a work situation.

Today, soft skills are attracting increasing interest from companies as they are a vector for sustainable performance and efficiency. For the employee, making the most of these qualities is an excellent way to develop his or her career and open up new opportunities. Both companies and employees benefit from this and have a vested interest in developing soft skills, which is why training is so useful.

Fifty 's soft skills development and improvement training programme is based on a complete pedagogical path and a series of micro-actions, recommendations aimed at adopting certain choices and new behaviours in a work situation. The action of training action can be implemented in all professions and brings quantifiable results in real time.

Soft Skills Training Action with Fifty

Favouring human capital to make the company grow. Many managers have made this winning choice. Why not you?

Fifty offers to support the development of your talents and employees through a unique programme based on the lessons of Nudge and coupled with artificial intelligence. Nudge theory promotes positive behavioural change, without constraints or obligations.

In terms of behavioural skills, this translates into the adoption of a certain attitude, an emotional intelligence, which transforms an average employee into an efficient and effective collaborator. In concrete terms, thetraining action Fifty fills the behavioural skills gap in companies through targeted "micro-actions" to be taken on a daily basis. These micro-actions encourage the individual to make better use of, or if necessary adopt, the soft skills that are useful for their job and expected by their superiors.

The platform will draw up a list of specific actions to be taken to improve, for example, the employee's adaptability, interpersonal skills or resilience. Each change is notified and quantified in real time throughout the process, both at individual and organisational level (with anonymised results), because the effectiveness of our tool also relies on its ability to provide an objective assessment of the subjects. Fifty It recommends the right action to be taken, at the right time, for each employee. For more information, contact us.