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The tool that helps your employees move from good advice to action in the field. All in a measurable way.

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On-the-job training

Training and implementation in work situations with Fifty

Employees in companies are often confronted with problems of implementation following theoretical training. With Fifty, training and application Fifty's training is carried out in a work situation, combining the knowledge gained from Nudge with the power of AI. This leads to concrete results at individual and organisational levels.

Training Methods and Implementation

Professional training has specific objectives: better stress and time management, increased efficiency, more effective communication, etc. There are different ways of acquiring these skills, and most current methods have two distinct components for training and application.

The latter can be done in different ways:

  • The case study, which allows the concepts acquired to be observed through a real-life case;
  • Group work, used to provoke a confrontation following a presentation;
  • Coaching, ensuring personal follow-up in the application of the principles to be adopted;
  • Situational learning, which consists of immersing learners directly in a work situation. This is called eDoing.

Of the above-mentioned methods, situational training is undoubtedly the most effective in terms of integrating the educational objectives of a training course in the long term. Moreover, it is in line with the principles of the skills development plan, which favours on-the-job training in order to optimise its effectiveness without stopping production. In this type of learning, training and application go hand in hand.

Thus, in order to solve problems related to the application of new knowledge, it is more interesting to integrate it directly into a training-action programme. This is particularly recommended when it comes to know-how and soft skills. These procedural and human skills should be part of an overall behavioural pattern oriented towards habit, competence and performance.

Fifty, a platform combining training and application

Fifty is an innovative digital platform, which is presented as a training action in a work situation. The programme consists of micro-actions to be carried out by employees every day. These activities enable technical and human skills to be worked on simultaneously, with concrete and measurable results. In order to set up a personalised course, the micro-actions are processed using artificial intelligence. Learners thus benefit from an individualised programme, adjusted to their level, objectives and situation.

The platform Fifty aims to combine training and implementation in a productive situation. This method uses the Nudge approach, which is characterised by the initiation of change without using coercion and without making participants feel guilty. The integration of skills and good behaviour is done in a playful way. The training also takes into account human behaviour as a whole, and is accompanied by the creation of a professional environment conducive to change.

It should be remembered that the Nudge method was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017 in the person of Richard Thaler. This approach has proved its worth in public administrations, and has made it possible to obtain more virtuous behaviour from citizens and users of the services concerned. In training, it ensures both motivation and commitment, as well as a sustainable integration of skills.