eDoing, from theory to practice

The tool that helps your employees move from good advice to action in the field. All in a measurable way.

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On-the-job training

eDoing, an excellent approach for change in the workplace

Traditionally, orientation training in companies was provided after an employee was hired, at infrequent intervals and in locations physically distant from the workplace. L'eDoing proposed by Fifty revolutionises this concept with a more effective approach that allows employees to better retain their learning in the office.

From the training room to the employee's office

Whether the training is delivered in a training room or at the employees' desk, the aim is the same. The idea is to enable participants to remember and apply the new knowledge and skills when they return to work. Lecture-based teaching was complemented by learning opportunities such as ad hoc mentoring, access to certain reference materials, etc.

Yet many organisations have found that the 'away from work' approach - that is, training organised away from the employees' desk - is increasingly ineffective and creates stress. This is why they are looking for the best way to provide their employees with a new way of training, informing and supporting them in their work environment. To implement the 'workplace' approach, companies are choosing a single online portal for their employees through which they can access a number of resources related to their functions.

These resources may include teaching modules, advice, reference material tailored to the needs of each job category and guidance from experts in a particular field, etc. This approach is called " eDoingThis approach is called "eDoing", which aims to enable your employees to continuously improve in the workplace by doing, rather than studying in a training room or online.

Fifty offers you its eDoing platform

You can now offer your employees an intranet site through which you can provide the resources that are frequently used and accessed by your employees for day-to-day decision making, business change adoption, sharing and information-based learning, etc.

Did you know? Most employees in companies say that the training they get is too theoretical and has little impact on their performance and career development. To address this problem, we have designed a solution that allows your employees to learn new skills in a simple and effective way. It is a digital platform that is similar to theeDoing It is a digital platform that can be combined with precise engineering and artificial intelligence. We use the Nudge approach to learning, a method that has already proved its worth when companies want to implement a behaviour change project. Indeed, the Fifty platform is an excellent way to implement "individualised micro-actions" on a daily basis so that your employees can acquire new people skills to benefit their careers and your company.