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On-the-job training

The Online Vocational Training action

The action of online training is a teaching method based on new technologies. For companies wishing to develop the professional and personal skills of their employees, this type of training meets their expectations perfectly. Moreover, there are currently platforms such as Fifty which offer actions to be carried out in a work situation (AFEST).

Using e-learning to improve employee skills

The action of e-learning can be used to develop new skills or improve the level of employees. It offers more autonomy to learners as the content is hosted on a web platform.

In principle, the company can choose between blended learning, which combines e-learning and classroom training, and distance learning. In both cases, the employees concerned can be tutored by an external or internal contributor.

This type of training is particularly suited to the needs of companies that include the regular upgrading of their employees in their HR management strategy. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the learning platform carefully, taking into account various criteria such as the quality of the pedagogical approach (platform ergonomics), the richness and coherence of the content of the training offer and the evaluation method.

Some e-learning professional courses encourage the application of newly acquired skills. Not only are learners encouraged to interact with the content, but they are expected to apply what they have learned immediately. Platforms adopting this approach provide real-life actions to help employees develop their business skills and abilities.

In concrete terms, this is an On-the-Job Training Action (AFEST) which helps learners to achieve their professional objectives. The training course thus integrates sequences of work situations and reflective sequences aimed at consolidating the knowledge acquired. This approach is called eDoing.

Fifty: the platform that facilitates the development of business and soft skills

Fifty is a practice action that online training practice that facilitates the development of business and soft skills. To do this, our platform offers actions to be carried out in the workplace to help company employees achieve their objectives.

With Fifty, each training course is unique, as the actions are personalised using artificial intelligence (the employee is encouraged to carry out the right action at the right time). Our training offer can therefore respond to the problems identified by HR managers: refresher courses, development of new skills, support for change, etc. Moreover, the skills acquired are measurable, as the change is quantified.

Our platform uses the Nudge pedagogical approach to stimulate learners' motivation and inspire them to make the right decisions. Fifty Fifty is then an AFEST that relies on digital tools since it integrates the pedagogical path, the mode of proof and the cold reflexivity.