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Behavioural training in companies

In addition to classic training in professional communication, the behavioural training reinforces the ability of employees to manage difficult situations. The aim is to work on interpersonal skills in order to reduce the stress caused by conflictual exchanges and to consolidate team spirit within the company. With Fifty, it is possible to put training on this subject into practice, thanks to eDoing.

Principles and benefits of behavioural training

An animal behaviourist is called in when our pet has a problematic attitude, for example a dog that shows excessive aggression. The aim is to study the relationship between the owner and the animal in order to find a solution and establish more harmonious communication.

Similarly, the action of behavioural training in companies aims to resolve or prevent difficult exchanges by changing the attitude of the targeted actors. For example, in a call centre, when faced with aggressive customers, operators are trained to deal effectively with disputes and possible expressions of bad faith. From this point of view, company employees are led to change their behaviour: they must no longer try to satisfy the customer, but to delight him.

By changing the point of view, the training allows :

  • Improve communication with difficult individuals through a more positive attitude;
  • Reduce stress, even in conflictual communication situations;
  • Strengthen solidarity among employees;
  • Increase overall productivity through customer satisfaction and improved employee performance.

Behavioural training is organised in a work situation. It is not limited to simple presentations and exercises. It is also about creating more favourable working conditions in order to accelerate and sustainably integrate beneficial behavioural change in employees.

Changing behaviour with the Nudge approach

Nudge is an approach that aims to encourage behavioural change through visible means, without imposing constraints or sanctions. In the context of a behavioural trainingNudge takes a holistic view of employee behaviour in order to initiate positive change.

The Fifty training platform, based on this approach, consists of a list of activities to be carried out in a work situation. The relational skills of each person are thus worked on through daily micro-actions, which influence the attitude of each person. Thanks to artificial intelligence, each employee benefits from a personalised course, adapted to their level and professional situation. Far from being a standard learning process to be assimilated by all participants, Fifty is a customisable training action that aims to achieve a real increase in individual skills, for better personal and collective performance. The changes are quantifiable in real time (with anonymised results).

Fifty is an innovative digital platform that offers experience-based training. It represents a more interesting alternative to the usual theoretical training courses, and allows real results to be obtained in terms of human and relational skills, or 'soft skills'. All thanks to eDoing.