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On-the-job training

Fifty, an innovative action training platform

The action learning is a process where employees can learn while remaining productive in the company. The Fifty digital platform offers an innovative approach based on the Nudge approach and AI to provide employees with a personalised training action that can be carried out in the workplace, with quantifiable results in real time.

The benefits of action learning

This process differs from traditional learning, which is based on the presentation of knowledge for memorisation and application. Action learning is conducted directly in an active environment, addressing real-life issues. Learners study their own actions and are accompanied by tutors. The latter's role is to question them regularly in order to make them perform better.

A combination of on-the-job learning and coaching, the action learning It is a way of reconciling the requirements of training and productivity. As a result, the approach has several advantages:

  • Saving time and resources: learners no longer have to be away from their workplace to complete a course.
  • A concrete increase in skills, immediately visible in real situations linked to existing needs.
  • Successful and sustainable results at individual, operational and organisational levels.

To be fully effective, an action learning approach must meet an organisational need, which gives rise to the project. It is then necessary to determine the groups of employees concerned and to choose the teaching method to be adopted.

This method is particularly interesting for the acquisition of human skills, which are best learned by doing. Indeed, the ability to communicate, to manage stress, to distinguish priorities, etc. is a matter of changing behaviour. It is therefore easier to develop these skills directly through action, because in this context one can observe the change concretely.

Action learning digitalised with Fifty

The effectiveness of a learning process depends to a large extent on the motivation of the learners. The acquisition of skills should not be a constraint. With this in mind, the Fifty platform uses the Nudge approach, which aims to initiate a change in behaviour without imposing constraints or sanctions.

Fifty is an Action de Formation En Situation de Travail (AFEST), and can therefore be considered as a process of training through action. The approach enables employees to improve their skills while carrying out their production tasks. It consists of micro-actions (recommendations) to be carried out each day in order to improve the human skills of each employee. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the list of recommendations is managed individually to offer a personalised path.

The platform Fifty platform enables both the technical and human skills of employees to be worked on. The changes, which can be quantified in real time, are evaluated at both individual and organisational levels. Thanks to the non-binding approach of Nudge and the power of AI, learners benefit from a palpable increase in skills, which is really useful for their career development, unlike theoretical training that is often incomplete.