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Training by doing digital with the Fifty platform

The training by doing is based on the repetition of actions and gestures necessary to acquire a skill. This concept is particularly interesting for workers, and can be applied in digital training. Fifty, the digital platform for action learning, combines this method with the Nudge approach to offer learning that meets the needs of employees and companies. We call this eDoing.

Training by doing, a method based on action

In contrast to theoretical training based on the presentation and subsequent restitution and application of knowledge, the training by doing emphasises action. The learners are led to deal with concrete problems according to the module covered. This approach allows the development of creativity in the search for solutions.

Learning by doing leaves room for error. The teaching activities proposed allow for repeated practice on the same problem, and the best results are retained. According to this principle, each learner can make mistakes, but should not repeat them. Corrections are used to progress and are not sanctions. For example, for an MCQ, the participant can fill in the questionnaire several times, with the wrong answers being marked each time until the right one is found.

The training by doing is especially suitable for continuing education. The learners have to solve situations that correspond to their work needs. In this way, learning leads to a real increase in competence and participants find it a real opportunity to advance their careers.

This method is interesting for the acquisition of technical and human skills. Indeed, repetition until the final validation allows the actors to master the gestures, actions and behaviours required to accomplish a task. Subsequently, these skills become reflexes, which everyone automatically applies in the context of their professional tasks.

Practice-based learning is applicable to e-learning, and precisely because of this it is possible to obtain a higher level of commitment from the participants. In addition, the method ensures a higher retention rate (75%) for the know-how learned.

Fifty, a training platform by doing

Fifty is a digital platform dedicated to training employees in companies. It is inspired by the " learning by doing" method in the development of educational courses. To this end, a list of micro-actions is drawn up for each participant, and the AI then takes charge of individualising each course. As a result, the platform is able to propose the right action at the right time to optimise learning. Each employee has to complete specific tasks and exercises in order to develop the targeted skills.

Also inspired by the Nudge approach, Fifty favours change without constraints. This method is gentle. The platform's training by doing is particularly interesting for the acquisition of human skills, which implies a change in behaviour. In this respect, the Nudge approach has proven to be effective, inspiring voluntary change in many cases of application.

The Fifty platform is intended to make up for traditional training courses, which are often considered too theoretical by the participants. The results of the training course are measurable, as each change is quantified in real time. This progress is visible at both individual and organisational levels.