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Training action with routines: opt for the Fifty Method

Action training with routines is one of the means to be favoured for the acquisition or reinforcement of skills. It also produces interesting results for behavioural anchoring. Fifty offers companies an innovative online training assimilation method that enables them to optimise the know-how and behaviour of their employees. This is eDoing.

Why choose a training action with routines?

It is not always easy for everyone to adopt behaviours that are always appropriate for everyday situations. The task can be even more difficult in the professional field. Training with routines is an interesting solution that companies or even individuals can use to improve human skills.

This type of training action is essentially focused on the gradual introduction of the necessary changes, according to the objectives, by setting up "routines". It goes without saying that this method requires the active participation of learners. They will be full actors in their training and their involvement will play a major role in the quality of the results they obtain.

The programme always includes a theoretical part in which the actions to be taken in different contexts and their necessity are explained. However, the emphasis will be on the practical aspect, with real-life cases. In principle, with a purely professional objective, the impacts of an action of training with routines In principle, for a purely professional purpose, the impacts of a training action will be felt both in terms of technical skills and personal abilities.

The choice of training and trainers helps the assimilation of new knowledge. Nowadays, there is no shortage of options between coaching, online training, traditional training or hybrid versions of eLearning and classroom training. In any case, quality training will always bring more in terms of knowledge. On the other hand, these trainings do not help to put into practice concrete, human skills to be used in everyday life.

Fifty offers an innovative training action with routines

It is essential for companies to optimise the technical and human skills of their employees and to take the necessary steps to do so if they want to grow. Providing their employees with the means to improve their skills or attitudes in the workplace is an important way of doing this. The action of training with routines is one of them.

In the teaching method proposed by Fifty, the routines take the form of "micro-actions". Just like the first ones, these are to be carried out on a daily basis until the skills or lines of conduct to be adopted are appropriated. They are put online on the platform Fifty and an artificial intelligence is responsible for "personalising the programmes" of each participant according to the objectives they wish to achieve.

Please note that we offer a complete educational programme. We have been inspired by the Nudge approach of Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler. His approach consists in encouraging people to change their behaviour, to make useful choices in complete freedom without fear of reprisals. The results are measured by the AI as you progress through the course and micro-actions are proposed accordingly. Based on precise engineering, the Fifty method is similar to an AFEST (Action de Formation En Situation de Travail).