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On-the-job training

Learning in work situations

L’on-the-job learning responds to a need for refined and realistic training of employees. The learning process involves experienced professionals and trainers in charge of reinforcing the technical skills and monitoring-evaluation of the candidate. However, this type of training suffers from a major deficiency: it does not take into account the "behavioural skills" aspect.

Apprenticeship and training action in work situations (AFEST)

Some jobs are passed on within the family circle, others are practised at the end of an educational course, an internship in a company or after a on-the-job learning. In the latter case, the process aims to develop or strengthen technical skills specific to the trade or industry.

There are several types of training to prepare the candidate for working life: training in the company itself, work-study, internships, etc. At the end of his training, the candidate is expected to master the minimum basics of his profession. However, professions are changing, and training courses must adapt accordingly.Apprenticeship in a work situation favours the rapid immersion of the worker in the new environment of his or her profession, without the need for theoretical training or a specific preparation phase.

L’learning in the workplace focuses on the purely technical aspect, i.e. the transfer or strengthening of new technical skills. It is part of the so-called "behavioural" skills, which are just as rewarding. These soft skills determine the employee's potential for development in his or her work environment and are key performance indicators.

The Fifty platform provides a relevant response to the need for assessment and reinforcement of behavioural skills. Adapted to all professions, this eDoing tool helps the assimilation of good practices and change thanks to actions and personalised courses of action by the AI.

Work-based learning with Fifty

Our tool Fifty encourages individuals to acquire and improve certain behavioural skills (empathy, self-confidence, communication, etc.) in order to support and develop their career and the overall performance of their company. Following the Nudge concepts, our approach is materialized by a series of micro-actions, individualized recommendations to be made on a daily basis.

The acquisition of behavioural skills is just as crucial as technical training in work situations. Thanks to our tool, you provide the levers necessary for the development of your employees in the workplace, but also for the achievement of their professional objectives.