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On-the-job training

Reaching a professional goal with the help of a Training In Work Situation Action

L'On-the-job Training Action or AFEST is a practical teaching method that takes place in the workplace. It is intended for employees of companies in the course of their work, who are put in a real situation during the learning process. The trainer thus performs a tutorial function by helping the employee to achieve a professional objective.

How does an AFEST take place?

A Training Action In Work Situation is organized in two sequences:

  • learning through work situations: this first sequence must be organized and well prepared. The apprentice thus lives a work experience under the trainer's supervision. The trainer is involved from the preparation phase: analysis of the activity and pedagogical adaptation, implementation of the reflective phases.
  • the reflexive sequence: this session allows to analyse the gaps between the objective and the skills actually acquired during the simulation. To this end, it includes phases of evaluation of acquired knowledge and achievements, as well as phases of consolidation of learning.

In order to ensure that the objectives are achieved, the two sequences should be repeated as many times as necessary.

The company may use internal or external training, but in all cases, the learning must take place at the workplace and be organised in a pedagogical framework with a previously defined professional objective.

It should be noted that AFEST concerns both permanent and fixed-term employees, and the tutoring function can very well be performed by a colleague.

As far as financing is concerned, only companies with fewer than 50 employees and those that have signed an accession agreement are eligible. In principle, the financing granted is 3,000 euros excluding tax per employee and per training measure. AFEST can also be part of a continuing vocational training programme, in which case the employee could receive up to 5,000 euros (excluding tax) in funding.

Fifty, the innovative AFEST-like platform

Our platform has been developed to facilitate the improvement of a company's employees' skills through technology. You will not need a physical person to tutor. Your employees will be able to do it at their own pace with our solution. Based on Artificial Intelligence and on the Nudge pedagogical approach (a method that encourages beneficial behavioural change without constraints or obligations), our innovative solution is similar to a Training Action In Work Situation. Indeed, it is a digital platform that offers micro-actions to be done on a daily basis in order to acquire new skills. Each learner can benefit from a unique path, as it is possible to individualize the micro-actions thanks to AI. This is the eDoing approach.

In order to guarantee the performance of our offer and the attainment of the targeted objectives, we have taken care to design micro-actions relating to both business skills and human skills (soft skills).

Fifty thus integrates the pedagogical path, the mode of proof and cold reflexivity. On the other hand, it is possible to measure the change since it is quantified (challenges achieved, level reached, days remaining, etc.).