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On-the-job training

Evaluation of the impact of training activities

Evaluation is a key stage in company training. It enables the effectiveness of the actions carried out to be judged in terms of improving the employee's skills and to analyse the gap between the objectives set and the results. How to implement theEvaluation of On-the-Job Training Actions (AFEST) PROCESS? Who to call on?

Assessing upstream and downstream

The development of a training plan inevitably includes a phase of evaluation of the training actions and their impact on the improvement of employees' skills. The evaluation therefore focuses on the method and the results and is an excellent indicator for the company of the relevance of the efforts made, both in organisational and financial terms. But what exactly is the evaluation about?

Companies carry out an upstream assessment of their training needs in order to identify the purpose of the training (implementation of new processes, use of new tools), the staff to be trained and the actions to be undertaken. The training plan resulting from this preparatory phase highlights the trainers' methodology, the actual training actions and the expected results.

More concretely, the evaluation provides precise indications of the results in terms of new skills mobilised by the personnel trained. In other words, theevaluation of training actions In other words, the evaluation will make it possible to say whether or not the training has enabled the employee's skills to be enhanced. It should be pointed out that the skills in question are purely technical and do not take into account the "soft skills" aspect, which are just as essential.

The training action tool Fifty has been developed to assess the soft skills potential of your employees, but above all to enable them to acquire new skills. Thanks to our platform, you will be able to implement targeted and quantifiable training actions.

Fifty's "Micro-actions

Behavioural skills and human qualities are equally important in some sectors. In a survey by Pôle Emploi, 3 out of 5 recruiters believe that behavioural skills are given more consideration during the hiring process. But what exactly are behavioural skills?

They are assimilated to transversal qualities and relate to the personality of the subject, his sense of relationships, his commercial ease. In short, well-defined character traits that are useful to his activity.

The Fifty platform combines Nudge and artificial intelligence to stimulate and reinforce the behavioural skills of your employees. Thanks to a series of targeted recommendations known as "micro-actions", this tool will enable you to work on the essential qualities of your employees, such as creativity, self-confidence, adaptability and good customer relations.

The approach is particularly innovative and integrates a refined pedagogical path that can be adapted to all profiles and professions. With regard toevaluation of training actionsThe Fifty tool allows each change throughout the course to be quantified in real time, both at individual and organisational level (with anonymised results). A real asset for gauging the impact of your training courses. Visit our website to find out more about our offer.