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Fifty, an innovative eDoing coaching platform for your employees

The coaching first appeared in the United States in the 1960s with coaches helping actors. Today, it is a common practice in companies. It provides personalised support to motivate an employee or a team to achieve their objectives. The Fifty platform combines the Nudge approach with AI to coach your employees and promote their career development on a large scale.

Coaching, a personalised approach

Coaches are often experts with long experience in a specific field. Thanks to this experience and the variety of situations they have encountered, they are able to accompany other players in the sector. However, the coaching is not a strict training course.

Rather, it is a matter of gradually revealing the resources of the person being coached, so that he or she can achieve the goals that he or she has set for him or herself. This definition applies especially to personal development and sports coaching.

In companies, employees generally need a coach to accelerate their career and become more efficient. Depending on the context, it is a question of communicating better, controlling stress, knowing how to manage strategic missions or developing other human skills known as "soft skills".

The intervention of a coach consists first of all in motivating the person being coached, and in proposing tools (exercises) to help him or her achieve his or her objectives. Certain human qualities are very important in the coaching profession: listening and empathy, flexibility, ability to motivate without judging, and ethics.

All of this is necessary in order to set up an individualised path that can really contribute to the development of the coachee. Thus, coaching is a very personalised approach, based primarily on the situation of each beneficiary.

If working with a team, the coach will be both a facilitator and a moderator within the group. He/she brings his/her skills to help the team form an effective entity in the face of the objectives set. In doing so, he/she must reveal the talents of each individual and know how to put them at the service of the group.

Fifty, an innovative educational platform that dematerialises coaching

The Fifty platform was designed to enable employees in companies to achieve a real increase in skills, and thus compensate for the training courses currently available, which are considered too theoretical. Fifty is presented as an On-the-Job Training Action (AFEST). As a result, it implements precise engineering, and makes the benefits of coachingthrough its digital solution.

This online coaching system combines two tools: the Nudge approach, which helps people to change their behaviour without constraints or sanctions, and artificial intelligence (AI), which allows each path to be managed in an individualised manner and adapted to each person's objectives. The approach consists of micro-actions to be carried out daily by each employee, with the aim of developing specific technical and human skills.

This programme is comparable to individual coaching by an expert, because of its non-binding nature. Nudge avoids any form of sanction, relying on voluntary behavioural change. Fifty Nudge allows each person to work on their talents to acquire new skills.

It is a complete learning pathway with quantifiable and sustainable results. Each change is quantified, and this measurement is carried out at individual and organisational level (with anonymised results). Discover Fifty, an innovative form of accessible coaching with a price per user that is more attractive than face-to-face coaching due to the scalability of our product.