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What is change management?

The change management is the set of techniques, methods and means that enable a transformation to take place in a company under optimum conditions for success.Fifty offers a structured approach to help your employees achieve the expected results during this transition phase.

Why is there more interest in change management?

Imagine that your company employs several hundred people and you decide - for financial or technical reasons - to change your email software. This is a project that you can't do overnight. Indeed, users are used to using the solution that is already in place. They may have created a history, contact lists, archives, email filters, etc. It is therefore essential to help them change their habits beforehand.

You will have to set up pilots and tools and carry out several tests so that your employees can adapt to the new tool in a simple and transparent way. If you fail to manage this change effectively, you will face rejection of the tool and your employees will be frustrated and dissatisfied.

Change management allows you to avoid such problems. In fact, this concept consists of guiding, accompanying and equipping the employees concerned within your company to enable them to adapt to developments and changes in their environment. Through the change managementWith the help of the "Training" concept, they will be able to understand and learn about new developments in order to integrate them into their daily working environment.

When your company undertakes a change through a project, you need to manage the situation effectively, both on a human and technical level. Yes, companies often focus on the technical aspects to the detriment of human concerns during a transformation. However, if you want your project to succeed, it is mandatory to prepare your employees and accompany them during the change period.

Make your employees actors of their change

To make your project successful, you need to start with training. It is an excellent way to provide your staff with the skills and know-how to start your organisation. It is an effective lever to mobilise your employees to develop a sense of acceptance, responsiveness, and recognition of the importance of change, etc. More than three quarters of employees currently believe that they do not get the training they need, as it has little impact on their performance, growth and career development. In reality, the training provided by companies is often too theoretical.

For all these reasons, we have designed Fiftya platform built around behavioural sciences. This platform combines Nudge and artificial intelligence with the aim of filling the training gaps in your company. Fifty uses an innovative approach, based on micro-actions. With Fifty, you can implement the planning and implementation of your training program. change management from a technical and human skills perspective. You can also use this platform to implement the recommendations in your daily work to achieve a sustainable result.