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Behavioural anchoring in companies: rely on the Fifty Method

L'behavioural anchoring is nowadays one of the concepts that many companies rely on to optimise the efficiency of their employees. Various methods can be used to modify and improve the behaviour of each individual in the workplace. Fifty offers an innovative method based on digital technology and artificial intelligence to facilitatebehavioural anchoring.

Behavioural anchoring: principles and benefits in business

Behavioural anchoring in companies consists of helping to set up new habits according to a given situation. Within companies, it is therefore a matter of helping employees to modify their behaviour according to the objectives to be achieved: optimising their efficiency, improving the quality of life at work, stress management, relationship management, etc.

The operation can focus on one or more aspects of the change, depending on the points to be improved. The changes take place over a longer or shorter period of time, depending on the adaptability of the individual. The process includes both a theoretical and a practical part. The actions implemented are aimed at eliminating what is wrong, improving what can be improved and generating the new behaviours required. The main aim is to adopt a course of action that is perfectly adapted to the working conditions, without undermining individuality or the quality of life at work.

In addition to the effectiveness of training, tranformation and development plans, the advantages ofbehavioural anchoring in companies are not negligible. Among other things, it enables solutions to be found for personal or social problems that may affect people's lives in the workplace or in the company. The actions can cover many aspects: improving relations with colleagues, superiors or subordinates; adopting good practices in the performance of tasks or in daily life, etc. The individual's ability to adapt to situations and a different way of seeing and understanding what surrounds him or her also helps to optimise QWL and efficiency.

The Fifty behavioural anchoring method

Fifty offers an innovative method ofbehavioural anchoring Fifty offers an innovative method that brilliantly combines the advantages of artificial intelligence and Nudge. Nudge is a pedagogical approach created by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics Richard Thaler, which aims to help individuals change their behaviour or make the right choices in complete freedom, without feeling oppressed or afraid of possible sanctions.

The system Fifty is based on a programme of micro-actions - actions to be taken and habits to be developed on a daily basis. Our platform will draw up a list of micro-actions that will be personalised by the artificial intelligence in a specific pathway, specific to each participant. The latter will be able to rely on the platform's recommendations, which will suggest actions to be carried out according to the situation.

The "curriculum" focuses more on practice than on theory and includes both technical and soft skills activities. The aim is to optimise human skills. The method is similar to an action of training in work situation (AFEST), which allows the participants in the programme to find themselves in the context in which their behaviour must evolve. The results will of course be progressive, but they will be evaluated in real time to see the progress made both at the individual and at the social or professional level.