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The Attitude Anchor

Increasingly, companies are taking into account the so-called 'soft' or 'behavioural' skills of their candidates. The method ofattitude anchoring method aims to develop the personal qualities that are essential to fulfilment at work and to the achievement of professional objectives.Anchoring attitudes in your employees: discover the innovative approach of eDoing by Fifty, an expert in On-the-Job Training.

Attitude anchoring: what is at stake?

In order to perform well at work, technical skills must go hand in hand with human skills. The latter refers to the behavioural qualities and attitude in a work situation that are sought in employees.

Attitude anchoring is one of the main levers for developing our "soft skills". The objective of this technique is to develop or, where appropriate, implement positive work behaviours that have a real impact on the performance of both the individual and the company.

In concrete terms, theattitude anchoring will focus on a specific profile, a sales representative for example, who has all the technical skills, but lacks a sense of community.Attitude anchoring will introduce the subject to the art of group communication so that he or she can develop natural abilities to share, exchange and dialogue.

The process ofattitude anchoring has a number of objectives. First and foremost, the method seeks to improve the employee's ability to develop new behavioural skills, which will enable him or her to flourish in the social and professional environment. But theattitude anchoring also serves the interests of the company. Employees who are more confident, reactive and less prone to stress are all added value for the company's productivity and performance.

The Fifty platform puts into practice a more pragmatic approach to strengthening technical and soft skills. Thanks to a refined diagnosis and individualised "micro-actions", this tool using artificial intelligence provides convincing and quantifiable results, whatever the job and profile.

Fifty, your performance partner

Offering an action module tailored to the specific needs of employees in terms of their soft skills is the purpose of the Fifty platform. Our tool seeks to help your employees progress in their professional environment, to enable them to use their behavioural skills to develop their careers.

For many workers, conventional in-company training has little or no impact on their career development. This is due to the fact that the training courses are too theoretical and do not take into account the behavioural competence aspect.

On the contrary, the approach Fifty approach places the worker at the centre of priorities and puts forward individualised "micro-actions", i.e. recommendations for improvement, development of technical skills and soft skills.

Following the concepts of Nudge, this approach encourages individuals to adopt positive behaviours or to make certain choices without constraints or obligations. Artificial intelligence has been used in the development of the process: it is this technology that enables the list of actions to be drawn up according to the analysis of the subject's profile. The personalised actions can be measured on all business profiles: from Management to Sales and Productivity.