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Nudge in business - Fifty

The digital nudge, a solution that perfectly meets the needs of companies

Used by companies to encourage behavioural change, nudge is also proving effective in developing key skills. With this in mind, Fifty has developed a solution based on digital nudge: it offers micro-actions to be carried out in a work situation, which are personalised by artificial intelligence. The concept is to encourage employees to take direct action during their training course.

Nudge is the key to skills development in companies

Unlike other corporate training methods, nudge makes it possible to anchor the learning process in practice. Indeed, as the micro-actions are proposed according to the employee's profile and the objectives to be achieved, the latter will be more motivated to carry out the challenges. What's more, Fifty can be integrated into internal work tools.

On the other hand, the change is quantified in real time and the users benefit from our support in putting it into practice in the work situation in a sustainable way. Once the action has been taken, the action is transformed into a habit, and the change process is established.

Personalised pathway using AI

The effectiveness of the suggestions delivered to the employee lies in the personalisation of the course with the help of artificial intelligence. The algorithm adapts the suggested actions according to the user's behaviour: the aim is to motivate the user to put into practice in order to accelerate the acquisition of skills.

The problem of moving from training to action in thecompany can thus be solved with the help of digital nudge . In fact, all those who have already used Fifty are convinced that the success of training (or transformation) depends on moving from good intentions to action.

In order to facilitate the implementation of our clients' programmes, we have taken care to make our solution available as a mobile application, as a responsive web application and on their internal tools.

Save time with digital nudge for your corporate training

By opting for our solution based on digital nudge, you benefit from a number of advantages: results that meet your expectations and those of your employees, but also time savings when it comes to implementation.

The personalisation of the incentive mechanisms and micro-actions proposed allows the learner to be motivated. The development of technical skills and soft skills is then faster and the challenges achieved become habitual. Moreover, progress can be measured at both individual and organisational levels.

All this contributes to strengthening our position as leader in the eDoing sector. Moreover, all our customers are unanimous: Fifty multiplies the use of the course by a factor of 3, but that's not all: 7 out of 10 users log on repeatedly 3 months after their training course.

Among the companies that have already chosen our solution are Société Générale, Docapost, Crédit Agricole, Total and Orange.