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[Video] Capgemini: Ensuring ROI on training investments

Customer case - Capgemini


The project

In a highly competitive market, talent retention is a crucial issue, where the quality of the managerial relationship is key.

Capgemini Francehas devoted significant training investment to this subject. However, one challenge persists: how to ensure the ROI of this training expenditure and demonstrate its impact?

Franck Baillet, Executive VP L&D France at Capgemini, explains how he works with Fifty to structure, support and measure his implementation.

Customer feedback

"We train our teams on a massive scale. But immediately after, or even before this kind of investment, we have to ask ourselves: What impact is this going to have? What is the impact of all the money we spend on these subjects?"

Franck Baillet, Executive VP L&D France - Capgemini

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