White Paper

Nudge and its use in learning & development

White paper: Nudge and L&D

What do a fly and an elephant have in common?

One, in the form of a sticker, has been a remarkably effective device in improving the cleanliness of an airport toilet. The other appears on the cover of a book that has sold millions of copies. These two animals are among the most widespread illustrations of the Nudge theory.

This theory, winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics, is becoming increasingly popular. Whether in the form of exploratory articles, praise or questioning, many media and companies are seizing on this new subject.

The Nudge theory, by providing new insights into the mechanisms that guide our decisions and actions, seems to offer a tremendous breeding ground of opportunities for many sectors, such as learning & development.

In this white paper, discover how this theory was born, and how it applies to the challenges of learning & development, particularly through digital solutions.

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