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Orange Campus Management : Anchoring new leadership behaviours

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The project

Orange Campus Management has launched an ambitious and innovative programme to help its leaders become more effective leaders. In contrast to the single model of leadership, Orange proposed to its leaders to deepen their self-knowledge in order to find their own leadership style. Then, in order to anchor new behaviours in their daily lives, the leaders were invited to move from knowledge to practice thanks to a digital platform designed specifically for them.

The system has been very successful, with a usage rate of +80% and a satisfaction rating of 4.3/5.

Customer feedback

"After the first trainings, the leaders were frustrated. Back at their desks, despite their motivation, they were unable to put what they had learned into practice. They did not know where to start or were caught up in their daily lives. It was precisely to address this frustration that we chose to offer behavioural anchoring support with Fifty.

Christophe FEVROST, Learning & Development Manager - Orange Campus Management

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