Measuring training effectiveness: what are the new methods? - eLearning Letter

In her contribution to the "Why and how to evaluate the impact of training" section of the e-learning letter, Alexia Cordier (CEO and co-founder of Fifty) discusses :  

- the two main developments that have accelerated the questioning of training effectiveness,
- eDoing solutions to overcome the limitations of traditional training evaluation methods.

"By transforming skills into micro-actions, measurable and time-bound, the learner is then able to objectively evaluate how many times he or she has succeeded in changing a given behavior.

In concrete terms, rather than evaluating a good practice, for example, 'behaving in an inclusive way by listening to everyone', he will be able to determine whether he has actually carried out the following action: 'At my next meeting, I give the floor back to a person who was interrupted'.

Once anonymized and aggregated, the set of learner evaluations conducted through this method can determine the level of implementation of a training program, and ultimately the changes achieved."

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