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Case study: testimony of the CCI

Discover in a few minutes why and how the ICC uses Fifty to transform its working methods.

Thank you to Bernard Cayol, Managing Director, and Frédéric Constant, Digital Learning Manager, for their valuable testimonies!

Video Transcript:

Bernard Cayol : Hello, I'm Bernard Cayol, Deputy Managing Director of the Val d'Oise Chamber of Commerce and Industry, part of the CCI Paris Ile-de-France group. My role is to lead and supervise the teams, to give them a new dynamic in terms of HR support. We are currently facing two main challenges: an internal transformation challenge to adapt our skills to the evolution of our business, and a second challenge of the matrix operation that we have just set up, which requires adaptations.

Frédéric Constant : Hello, I'm Frédéric Constant, Digital Learning Manager at the CCI Paris Ile-de-France group. One of my missions is to respond to the individual and collective needs of organisations, and to provide all the establishments with up-to-date training systems, and if possible innovative ones such as the Fifty solution, in order to facilitate the development of employees' skills. I tested the Fifty solution beforehand, which is based on behavioural sciences and which enables us to move from the theory traditionally disseminated in e-learning to practice through eDoing. And I was won over!

Bernard Cayol : In view of the first figures from the experiment conducted, it shows a strong commitment, and seems to really meet both a need and a way of working that people expect in their daily work. We wanted to recreate links, break down silos and introduce new working methods. The Fifty experience thus came this year to complete what we had already undertaken previously. And there is no doubt that this dynamic will continue in the years to come.

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